Creating a safe, dynamic culture


Safety is at the core of everything we do and is one of our central guiding principles. We promote and foster a culture where people truly care about one another and where everyone shares in our goal of zero incidents.

Safer Together

Our COVID-19 response

In challenging times, the safety of our team and partners at our project sites remains our top priority. We’ve set up rigorous protocols and standard operating procedures, in line with international and local safety guidelines. At all our operational locations, including our facility in the TAWFIK Ain Sebaa industrial zone in Casablanca, we promote open communication, urging partners and staff to immediately report any safety concerns so that they can be promptly addressed.

We see with a 360-degree approach

Notre approche éprouvée intègre un solide plan de maintenance et de réparation, des mesures de protection des performances et de la longévité des machines, une formation approfondie pour nos techniciens de haut niveau et une organisation exceptionnelle du chantier. Ces éléments constituent le fondement de la solide culture de qualité et de fiabilité de SPS-MAROC.

We lead the way

Rethinking quality and reliability starts at the top: our senior leaders, led by engineer Mohamed EL AYATI, invest time and resources in cutting-edge technologies and machinery. But they also empower each technician and staff member to take ownership in shaping SPS-MAROC’s culture of excellence and customer satisfaction.

We watch out for each other

We aim for each technician and industrial partner to sense they are part of a shared mission and cohesive team. At SPS-MAROC, we foster stronger relationships with our industry collaborators by emphasizing human connection and teamwork over mere procedures and inventory lists.


Presidents Safety Award and Excellence in Safety, The Construction Employers’ Association


The Million Work Hours Award (2 Million Hours), The National Safety Council


Occupational Excellence Achievement Award (2020), The National Safety Council