ElAyati Mohammed

Head Manager - Founder

Years at Smart Plastic Systems:

7 Years

Years in the Industry:

31 Years

Hello everyone, today we’re honored to introduce the founder of Smart Plastic Systems, Mr. EL AYATI Mohammed.

Background and Experience

Mr. Mohammed founded Smart Plastic Systems on April 26, 2016, but his journey started much earlier. With an incredible experience spanning over 31 years, he is a seasoned veteran in the domain of plastic materials transformation. His expertise covers a wide range of techniques, including injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion.

Core Expertise

  1. Turnkey Plastic Projects: Mr. Mohammed has leveraged his vast experience to provide comprehensive solutions for plastic projects. The company handles everything from initial calculations and planning to the actual set-up and launch of your operations. But it doesn’t stop there.

  2. Technician Training: One of the unique aspects of Smart Plastic Systems is the hands-on training provided to your technicians right in your workshops. This ensures that your team is fully equipped to maintain the standard of quality that Mr. Mohammed expects.

  3. After-Sales Service: A commitment to effective after-sales service sets Mr. Mohammed and his company apart. Their dedication to client success extends far beyond the initial project completion.

PET Preform Production

  • Advanced Production Lines: Smart Plastic Systems boasts two specialized production lines dedicated solely to the manufacture of PET preforms.
  • Capacity: These lines have a capacity that can reach an impressive number of kilograms of preforms per day.


In closing, Mr. EL AYATI Mohammed isn’t just a business owner; he’s a pioneer in the plastics industry with a commitment to quality, training, and exceptional service. Under his leadership, Smart Plastic Systems continues to set industry standards, making it a top choice for any plastic material projects you might have.

John joined Konstruktion Edmonton in 1984 as a field engineer and, following several project assignments in both Canada and the United States, settled in Calgary as a construction manager in 1997. He was appointed Calgary district manager in 2004 and regional vice president, Western Canadian Buildings, in 2008.

With over 35 years of construction industry experience, John possesses a wealth of knowledge of both Konstruktion and the construction industry. His relentless focus on Konstruktion’s future, along with supporting and developing our people, showcase his leadership mindset and commitment to building lasting legacies.